We vidy as every

We vidy as every I want to understand, why it about m It is told I created the malicious beginning.

Nature every day updates creation action.

What is Day stvy creations Creation of the malicious beginning – desires to receive for the sake of itself, without reckoning with others.

And then nature all the time updates it in us – updates not kind spirit, and malicious.

We vidy as every day of people wants more and more, and his desires already do not have borders.

Therefore after good actions on association about tivopolozhny actions are quite natural, and we should to consider them as the lever for lifting on following stustub.

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They differ

They differ When they are given a certain task, they, as a rule, exceed it, do more than it is necessary.

Tendency to put before itself questions is peculiar to thinkers, to form to itself tasks and to find ways of their decision.

They differ from other pupils persevering independence because try to understand, understand everything and to make the matter in a consent with the aspirations.

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONThat is why the initiative caused by external influences of teachers, parents for them is secondary.

Formuladeyatelnosti of active pupils I!Ways of activity independence.

Mechanisms which regulate it selfconsciousness, selfcheckin mob killings.

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I was familiar

I was familiarThe share of Indians , the surprising conditions which have reached really of pleasure and harmony with the world, is simply amazing and much more exceeds everything that it is possible to find in a civilized society, in the east or in the West.

In each clan there are some people living as is easy and happy, as the most advanced gurus.

I was familiar with families in which almost each adult possessed these qualities, so rare in the conditions of a civilization.

I quickly learned to define rather precisely who from group was a shaman, on special expression of their persons.

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But many are deprived

But many are deprivedFortunately, the parents possessing meetache admiration of intuition in what it is necessary to be and that it is necessary to undertake, that to be able with children.

But many are deprived of this congenital gift and elementary empiricism that too i hundred leads to a depression and refusal from own .

And many at all are not set by similar questions and daily render negative educational action, at all without giving itself in it the report.

Education is a difficult and delicate art, in to Torahs a little sciences and experience should adjoin, it is a lot of common sense and, first of all, there is a lot of love.

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We stand

We standI invite you to take seat on my big carpet planeand to rise in air.

I want to find with you the small desert island insouthern seas.

We stand under palm trees rejecting a dense shadow onsoft white sand of the southern beach, and I give to each of youcoco half with a fresh coconut milk.

Let's to group dream up, thus take care aboutvolume that all participated in this vymyishenny travel.

The participants who are keeping silence and not involved by others, on try to include in conversation, being engaged with them in yours you the myshlenny world any common cause, asking from them somethingiving them something etc.

When you will notice that the group was tired, declare the beginningreturn way.

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